2. Rolling on Flickr.

    this boi was rollin at 70 in his color-matched socks on the way back from H2Oi


  3. Scion xB on Flickr.


  4. Robin Persaud’s Wide-body LS1 Swapped IS300. Before the LS1 swap, this IS300 carried a 2JZ. Robin wanted to go a different route due to the boringness of the 2J, and equipped it with a 5.7L LS1 out of a Corvette. Next came the over-fenders. At the time of the build, which are one-of-one and custom fabricated from a small company in the Netherlands just to fit his car. Lastly, the lip on his IS300 was custom fabricated as well, but this time from Canada. This car is Japanese built, American powered, Dutch widened, Canadian lipped, with no other IS300 like it.  



  6. E30’s on Flickr.


  7. Red S2000 on Flickr.


  8. Throwback Thursday - I hope H2Oi 2014 will be as great as it was in 2013. Drive safely and let’s hangout if you’re down there, cheers.


  9. hansleatherman:


    CBRD Speedfactory’s Porsche 911 Turbo - Hans Leatherman  Photography

    Probably my favorite shoot that I’ve ever done


  10. untitled on Flickr.

    Went canoeing today, despite the grey sky in the morning


  11. Metal - Hans Leatherman on Flickr





  15. I will be in Ocean City, MD for H2Oi. If you are interested in doing a shoot feel free to contact me on here or on one of my links on my page. Thanks.

    -Hans Leatherman